Introducing the Lakewood Girls Who Code Lakewood Fandoms

About Our Project

For our Fall 2018 Project, we present Fandoms. Presenting information about the fan-bases we like including some games, quizzes and facts. We hope you enjoy!

The Fandoms

One Direction
Science & Math
Salesforce Mascots
Stranger Things
furry and winged feathered animales

About Our GirlsWhoCode Club

We're a club of 6 - 12th graders who met for 12 weeks in the Fall of 2018 to learn and practice coding. We worked in Scratch, Codesters (Python), Trinket (Python), Thimble (HTML) and Glitch (HTML). We also learned about circuits with Raspberry Pi and 3-D printing, even creating some models in Tinkercad. Click here for a page of projects we created while learning.